The Story Collider Live Show

Join us the evening of Tuesday July 19th, 7pm -10pm at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, on the UW -Madison campus to enjoy a special NACCB edition of The Story Collider stage show! You’ll enjoy true, personal stories of science told live on stage. From the tragic to the hilarious, we’ll explore the deeply human side of conservation work. The show will happen in The Forum, with a limited capacity of only 300 seats, hors d'oeuvres included, and cash bar.

This show is about personal experiences - not lectures or research presentations, no matter how entertaining. We are looking for an 8-10 minute story with a beginning, middle, and end, and we want to hear about some way in which you, the storyteller, changed in that time. You can talk about anything - how you first fell in love with science, how your work has affected your personal life, challenges you’ve faced in your research, anything. And you’ll have plenty of help; Story Collider producers will work with you personally to make your story great. You’re probably thinking “I just don’t have any great stories” - and you’re probably wrong! Take a chance on us, it may even be fun.

The Story Collider was founded in 2010. They host live shows in New York, London, Boston, LA, DC other cities, and their weekly podcast has been downloaded more than three million times. For more about The Story Collider, see

"The tones balanced stand-up funny and powerfully confessional … The crowd's reactions veered from belly laughs to pin-drop silence."

— Andy Beta, The Wall Street Journal

"The experience was incredibly cathartic, and having people come up to me afterwards and tell me how interesting and moving they found my story was as gratifying as any compliment I have ever received about my research."

— David Carmel, Nature



Photo Credit: cc Richard Hurd

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