Edward T. LaRoe III Memorial Award

This award honors leaders in translating principles of conservation biology into real-world conservation. Preference is given to employees of government agencies or individuals who have spent at least part of their career in public service. The intention of the award is to recognize the innovative application of science to resource management and policy. 

2016 Award Recipient: Dr. Barbara Taylor

The award will be given to Dr. Barbara Taylor of NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center to recognize her outstanding career achievements in translating conservation science into real-world conservation efforts, most recently in the case of vaquita conservation. Please visit The Society for Conservation Biology website to read about Dr. Taylor's outstanding work in Vaquita conservation!

Student Presentation Awards

SCB Student Awards recognize the best of the best in student presentations. Extended abstract reviewers will determine nominations for live judging of presentations based on scientific merit, overall clarity of the abstract, and fulfillment of the requirements/instructions described below. Nominees will be notified in early May if selected. 

Awards for "Best Talk" and "Best Talk with a Conservation Application" will be announced before the closing keynote talk on Wednesday July 20th, 2016.

Congratulations to the following Student Presentation Award Finalists! 

Kenneth Wallen: Exploring social influence and social marketing to reduce consumer demand for illegal wildlife

Rodrigo Solis Sosa: Coupled Social-Ecological Model for Trans-boundary Wildlife Conservation; The Case of the Monarch Butterfly Migration

Brianna Henry: Effects of selenium and pesticides on aquatic-terrestrial resource subsidies in the Prairie Potholes

Philip Manlick: Population augmentation provides nominal genetic and demographic rescue for an endangered carnivore

Stephanie Courtney Jones: The application of conservation behaviour to conservation practices: A case study on the effects of captivity on behaviour in a model species.

Lindsey Rich: Evaluating the spatial ecology of an African mammal community

Jason Berg: Does a shift in mating system facilitate range expansion of an invasive plant, Mimulus guttatus? 

Morgan Gray: Integrating land use planning and conservation biology for more accurate species distribution models

Paula Perrig: Puma predation subsidizes an obligate scavenger in the high Andes

Amy Alstad: The pace of plant community change is accelerating in remnant prairies 

Brian Rolek: Long-term effects of forest harvesting on spruce-fir avian communities

Samniqueka Halsey:  Predicting Population Viability of a Monocarpic Perennial Dune Thistle Using Individual-Based Models 

Alison Paulson:  Using history to inform our understanding of ecological changes in the forests of the Great Lakes National Parks 

Gavin Jones: Megafires: an emerging threat to old-forest species 

Tyler Lark: Mapping grassland and cropland conversions across the United States

Katherine McClure: The surprising role of native and introduced birds in the transmission of disease in Hawaii’s lowland forests

Soraia Barbosa: Non-invasive genetic sampling in conservation: how far have we got and how far can we go?

Student Travel Awards

Jessica Sparks, University of Denver Kenneth Wallen, Texas A&M University
Mirka Zapletal, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Laura Bliss, Texas State University
Chelsie Romulo, George Mason University Sarah Chase, San Diego State University 
Marcela Marquez, University of Florida Breanna Caton, University of Toledo
Temitope Israel Borokini, University of Nevada Reno Kelly Ksiazek-Mikenas, Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden
Andres Munoz-Saez , University of California, Berkeley Kyle Rodgers, University of Tennessee
Jeremy Pittman, University of Waterloo  Lindsey Rich, Virginia Tech
Peter Metcalf, University of Montana  Emma Spence, Bowling Green State University 
Amanda Sorensen, Rutgers University Sara Isacco, Slippery Rock University
Katherine McClure, University of California Santa Cruz Amanda Kaeser, University of Tennessee
David Forgacs, Texas A&M University Kristina Slagle, Ohio State University
Heather Kostick, University of Pennsylvania Arjun Srivathsa, SNRE, University of Florida 
Rachel Kappler, Bowling Green State University Emily Dolson, Michigan State University
Morgan Gray, UC Berkeley

We look forward to seeing you all in Madison!


Photo Credit: cc Richard Hurd

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