Effective science communication can change the world.


Today, we have the responsibility and opportunity to communicate conservation messages that inspire action, policy change, and engage diverse communities. We are faced with the challenge of developing innovative solutions to environmental and social issues that will translate across disciplinary boundaries within and outside of the scientific community. The 2016 congress will highlight the importance of integrating successful communication strategies into our work. In order to move from research to action, we must communicate across boundaries to encourage and empower diverse communities working to sustain the Earth's biological and cultural diversity, and to implement the policy changes that make this possible. 


Through numerous symposia, concurrent sessions, workshops, short courses and field trips, we will advance discourse in many conservation disciplines, from biological to social sciences. The 2016 congress will provide an open platform to foster collaborative partnerships, and to create and adapt emerging ideas, technologies, and methods in conservation science.

The third North America Congress for Conservation Biology will play an important role in advancing science and stimulating conservation action through effective dialogue and far-reaching engagement. This bi-annual Congress in North America is critical to our success as conservation professionals.


Photo Credit: cc Richard Hurd

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